Our Dogs Our Passion

Welcome to our site, born out of a love for dogs, a love of photography and the opportunity to express both mixed with a smattering of humour.

Because our dogs are strongly integrated into our family they have, as they say, become our children. To ensure that our dogs did not become spoilt, demanding and disobedient we learnt how dog pack behaviour worked and how to maintain ourselves as pack leaders.

When one of our dogs developed an allergic reaction to an unknown cause, our own research lead us to discover the cause and the horrible truth behind the damage being caused by many brands of commercial dog food. We now take nothing for granted with our dogs health, regarding their heath as important as our own.

None of this came naturally to us. We searched for resources that would help us achieve our desired outcomes and found them. Those resources can be found in our Products Section. They are not to be regarded as a finite list, but rather those that we have found useful so far.

No Money! That's fine, access our informative dog articles free of charge.

Finally funny dog photos - the real Just Me Speaking - where our dogs get a voice. Click on the links at the left or below and enjoy.

Malcolm Janke & Tracey Metcalfe

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